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There is nothing better than feeling comfortable in your own skin and it is our passion to ensure that you feel just that! At Divine Skin Clinic we provide thorough skin consultations to discuss your concerns, examine your skin and develop a treatment and skincare program that will help achieve the best possible results.

Whether you suffer from acne, rosacea or feel you have tired and dull looking skin, we have a treatment program that will suit you.

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skin love

All our facials are individually customised. We work together with our clients to personalise each skin journey, prioritising their needs, concerns and skin goals.


All our facials are individually customised to personalise each skin journey, prioritising your individual needs, concerns and skin goals.

Using the most effective and result-driven skincare without causing trauma or inflammation to the skin, our product ranges are all packed full of antioxidants, driven by science and nature, creating the most advanced skincare and

Mini facials start from $89
1 hour is from $149


Capillary / Cherry Angioma Removal / Skin Tag / Sebaceous Hyperplasia / Bengin Skin Lesions.

Struggling with benign skin lesions, skin tags or vascular concerns? Diathermy utilizes a sterile, single use probe, that heats up via high frequency. This allows cauterization to occur, and the destruction of the vascular or benign skin lesion.

Please note removal of moles must have a doctor’s certificate.


nano fusion

Nano Fusion utilises combined microscopic silicone pyramids and vibration properties. The Nano Fusion Pro Pen creates a short-term opening of the top layer of skin (without causing harm) to allow the penetration of targeted ingredients to flood the skin, with high quality & result driven ingredients. Over several treatments, a noticeable change in skin tone and texture will take place, this is due to the stimulation of skin cells.

This unique treatment has no downtime, your skin does not need to be prepped on any products prior to treatment.



ULTRAFusion utilises high frequency ultrasonic waves to stimulate & enhance the production of collagen & elastin, whilst improving microcirculation. With ULTRAFusion we see an increase in the uptake of bio active & bio compatible ingredients, assisting with conditions like rosacea, acne, scarring, anti-aging plus many more 



LED is a non-Invasive light-based treatment to stimulate a recharge our skin cells batteries. It assists with normal functioning of the skin restoring hydration, health & complexion. This can be used a stand alone treatment or you can add it on to any service or treatment you have to encourage & enhance your results



Smooth, subtle and peach fuzz free skin is on its way! We use a single and sterile blade to glide across this skin removing peach fuzz hair and the outermost layer of skin. A great method of exfoliation to reveal, fresher and brighter skin. This treatment isn’t for everyone, and the therapist may decide you are better off with another treatment. 


divine dermasweep

The Dermasweep MD utilizes unique tips to gently lift away dead skin cell build up whilst simultaneously increasing micro-circulation, oxygen & feeding the skin with peptides, minerals, antioxidants & hyaluronic acid. Experience the Divine Dermasweep & be left feeling refreshed, brighter & relaxed. Includes face, neck & chest.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin Rejuvenation is a light-based treatment that targets the stimulation of collagen & elastin in the skin, assisting with refining of pore size, fine lines & wrinkles. It feels like a warm flick of a rubber band, the skin can be left feeling warm with some slight redness, like a mild sunburn sensation. You may notice your skin may be feeling hydrated, plump & glow for up to a week or 2 post treatment.

(This method, could cause some slight crusting due to some superficial pigmentation.)



IPL is a light based treatment that is use to target & destroy superficial vessels & pigment within the skin. This treatment leaves your skin feeling warm like a mild sunburn.


After your first session of Pigmentation removal, you will notice that your pigment spots will get darker & will have little micro crusts on the skin. These should be left to fall off on their own naturally, this can last up to 2 weeks. Once these crusts have come off the lesion underneath should be lighter, whilst this is going on, under the skin your white blood cells goes in to clean out the defragmented pigment.

We encourage extra moisturising if needed during the crusting phase. Pigmentation treatment is usually performed every 4 weeks & we recommend around 2-3 sessions to begin with.


Vascular treatment works on heating the blood in the vessels & attempting to collapse the vessel. Post treatment it can be normal to get some swelling, we recommend avoiding any activity that will increase your core body temperature. This treatment is normally performed 7-14 days apart, as we need to kick the vessel while it is down. This treatment may require anywhere from 2-3 sessions.


rf skin tightening

A non-invasive treatment used to tighten, lift & brighten the skin. Specifically, & ideally used for fine lines, skin with a loss of elasticity & dark circles under the eyes. Immediately after treatment it is common to notice your skin is plump, tight & lifted, it also may have a little redness. After your first few treatments you will notice this is a temporary result, however as you continue with your series is becomes more permanent, & in fact after 90days you will see the most visible results of brighter, tighter & lifted skin.


skin needling

The Mderma creates micro channels within the skin, causing a wound healing response to take place. This will in turn stimulate your collagen & elastin cell which will ultimately improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, pore size, penetration of products & overall regeneration & rejuvenation of the skin.

Before completing a skin needling treatment, the skin must be prepped on clinical ingredients


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