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Dealing With Black or White Hair?

At Divine skin clinic we specialise in two main methods of permanent hair removal; Thermolysis and Intense pulse light.

We recommend you book in for a consultation to determine the best method of removal suited for your hair and skin type.


Please avoid shaving, waxing, or plucking the hair from the area. It allows us to give a proper analysis and decide the best treatment path suited for you.

hair removal


This is a permanent hair removal method where a probe is inserted into each follicle and heat is applied to permanently damage cells that produce a new hair.
Only Disposable probes are used for each treatment

10mins: $45
20mins: $55
30mins: $65
+ 45mins: $85+


IPL is a non-invasive light based treatment used to permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and body. This light based procedure works by targeting dark hairs. The light converts to heat, it destroys the hair and surrounding cells, which ultimately stunts the growth of the hair. Divine Skin Clinic uses the latest breakthrough innovation in IPL permanent hair reduction, known as Super Hair Reduction, SHR. When compared to traditional IPL hair reduction treatments, SHR is faster, easier and best of all pain free.
Give us a call to book your first consultation, and start your hair free journey!

For more information about SHR or IPL treatments,
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We also offer traditional waxing for body & face, using only hygienic procedures of a 1 dip system.

Eyebrows: $25
Lip: $15
Lip and chin: $30
Eyebrow and lip: $35

If you are interested in body waxing, feel free to enquire.


lash lift

Curl your Lashes with the one shot Lash Lift.  No damage to  your natural lashes, leaving you with lasting luscious lashes.

with tint $99


Darken, fill & lengthen your natural brows & lashes with tinting.

Eyebrows: $25
Eyelashes: $39
Eyebrows and Eyelashes: $59

brow design

Shape & Sculpt your brows a natural way using henna.
Wax & Henna


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