At Divine Skin Clinic our focus is to improve the look of your skin. There is nothing better then feeling comfortable in your own skin & it is our passion to ensure that you feel just that!

Whether you suffer from Acne, Rosacea or feel you have tired & dull looking skin, we have the treatment to suit you.

Our experienced therapist will thoroughly examine your skin and work out a treatment plan that is best suited to you, aiming to achieve the best results possible.

Book in for a Skin Consultation Today- Only $79

(includes a mini facial)

We Stock Advanced Skin Care that targets all concerns & conditions.


Our facials are not only result driven, they are an experience where you will feel pampered & relaxed.

We have a range of facials that can extend from a standard/basic facial to more advanced/medi facials. Each treatment is individually tailored using only the best & most advanced skincare.

Standard Facials start from $139

Advanced/ Medi Facial start from $160


LED is a non-invasive light based treatment that uses specific wavelengths/colours that target different areas of the skin. Rejuvenating, clearing & recharging your skin cells

30mins $89

With facial $160


We use a sterile blade to glide across the skin to remove dead skin cells, peach fuzz hair, dirt, oil, debris, revealing smooth & glowing skin.


Add on $89


This unique treatment is used to amplify skin rejuvenation, skin healing, glycation of fine lines & wrinkles, even out melasma. balance acne & scarring + so much more

Face, neck & décolletage: $220


The Mderma creates micro channels within the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, penetration of products & overall regeneration & rejuvenation of the skin.

At Divine Skin Clinic we advise, all appointments require a thorough skin consult as the first booking.

Full Face: $300

(receive Complimentary LED Session valued at $89)

RF Skin Tightening:

RF known as Radio Frequency, is a fantastic science based technology for tightening loose or ageing skin as well as improving overall skin tone. RF is an ideal non-invasive treatment to combat sagging skin after weight loss.

Areas from $99


Skin Tag Removal:

A sterile, single-use probe is used to cauterise the skin tag, allowing the excess skin to be removed without bleeding. Post treatment a crust will form, mild swelling & some redness will appear & can last up to a few days depending on the treatment.

From $80

Vascular Treatment:

A sterile, single-use probe applies heat to the capillary through a tapping method. This causes the vessels to become damaged and collapse, our bodies natural response is to remove the damaged vessel. It is normal for redness, or a hive like response to appear post treatment. It is important to avoid wetting your skin for 8hrs post treatment to allow for a crust to form, & to allow for the body’s natural healing responses to take place. Depending on the size of the vessels will determine how many treatments are required.

From $69 (20 mins)

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

What is IPL?

The Dermal Clinician will apply a hand piece, that generates an intense pulse of light which will be absorbed by targets in your skin. Many conditions treated with IPL include: