Winter Skin Blues…


It’s obvious now that we are well into winter, & even though it has been a month, it already feels like we have had it for a complete season. Some people love the weather, others are not such fans, one of these is our skin. It is natural for people to notice skin changes during winter & cooler months, people may experience tightness, dryness, flaking skin & redness. So even though you may love winter, and cozing up to the heater or fire with a glass of red, your skin may just be screaming for help.

What does winter or extreme seasonal changes do to your skin?

Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is something that happens on a daily basis & if you don’t look after your skin then it will take quite the beating. Anything that causes trauma to the skin & puts it under pressure, will increase our skins water loss. Classic examples of these are sun, wind, heaters, extreme temperatures, along with incorrect skincare use, all play a significant role. By increasing your exposure to these, you are allowing your skin to be sucked of its moisture & starved of hydration.

So what can we do to help this?

Ultimately our aim would be to put moisture back into our skin & although it would be nice to go on a permanent holiday with a tropical, humid climate, we know this is unrealistic. There are a several things that we can do, have a read of the following list

  • LED therapy

Red Light therapy is used for stimulating & recharging our cells. Cells that will help stimulate Hyaluronic Acid production, which is well known for its unique characteristic to hold moisture. This is something we will cover at a later date. Hydrating facials packed full of ingredients containing vitamins, peptides, ceramides, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA plus many more, also help target TEWL in dehydrated skins.

  • IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Light stimulation targets & stimulates the production of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid. Providing your skin with intense hydration & a luminous glow.

  • Cosmeceutical based skincare

By choosing this form of skincare, it will target your skin at a cellular level. Interacting with our cells, protecting & assisting with targeting skin conditions.

What can you do at home?

  • Purchase a humidifier this will increase moisture in the room
  • Avoid heaters, especially sitting too close.
  • Steaming your skin will also feed those skin cells that are lacking of moisture
  • Include Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in your diet, these are products like Omega 3’s & 6’s, so fish oils, certain plant & nut oils. By including these in your diet, it will improve your skins barrier function.
  • Have a good cosmeceutical skincare range, as stated above these will help to improve and feed our skin at a cellular level, working inside out.

This is a very brief summary of how damaging winter can be on our skin, especially if not taken care of.

Pop into Divine Skin Clinic for a Skin Consultation, & be on your way to healthy, hydrated & glowing skin!!

Stay tuned for our next post about ingredients that will benefit your skins hydration levels

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